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The Old Fashioned Way

Review From: Brittany

I consider myself a very old-fashioned person, so I was intrigued by the book The Old-Fashioned Way: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Romance, and elected to a sponsored post. I have to say, I found t...

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Review From: Michael

"Churchless" by Barna and Kinnaman is a good title for anyone wanting to learn more about those who do not attend church regularly, why they don't attend, and what may be done to reach them. The t...

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Review From: Gail

Statistics are fascinating to me, so I was excited to have the opportunity to read Barna Groupís book Churchless. Barna and Kinnaman do a good job in explaining the various groups of people they su...

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A Year of Living Prayerfully

Is Anyone Listening? Do My Prayers Really Change Anything?While filming a documentary about sex trafficking, Jared and Michelle Brock felt a deep need for prayer in their personal liv...

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Beneath the Forsaken City

Conor and Aine have barely escaped Seare with their lives. Conor knows he must return to find the harp that could end the Red Druid’s reign of terror, but in the midst of their escape, he and Ai...

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But I'm NOT a Wicked Stepmother!

Most little girls grow up dreaming of being a mom, but hardly any of them dream of becoming a stepmom. Nevertheless, approximately one million new stepfamilies are created every year.It̵...

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