Championship Fathering

Carey Casey, Neil Wilson

As CEO of the National Center for Fathering, Carey Casey uses his experience and stories—and his engaging, personable tone—to inspire champions-to-be in fathering. Championship Fathering will help fathers raise healthy, well-adjusted, confident kids—mentally, physically, and spiritually. It will help fathers use the principles of championship fathering: Loving, Coaching and Modeling. Men will appreciate Carey Casey’s experiences in sports. He is currently chaplain for the Kansas City Chiefs. The book also includes a foreword by Tony Dungy. A 3-minute daily radio feature hosted by Carey Casey, Today’s Father, is heard on over 600 stations nationwide.

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Neil Wilson

Neil S. Wilson holds a master's degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has served as... Read Full Bio

Carey Casey

encourages men to live out a lifelong commitment to loving, coaching, and modeling for their chil... Read Full Bio

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