Girl Talk Guy Talk

Jesse Florea, Karen Whiting

One of the most awkward things about growing up is learning to communicate with the opposite sex. What is she thinking? Why did he do that? Teen guys and girls know they often don’t understand the opposite sex or know how to talk to one another.

Communication is a key tool in life. We interact with words, gestures, and movements. The devotions in Girl Talk Guy Talk give insights that focus on different aspects of teen life to help both guys and girls better understand and communicate with the opposite sex. Various styles of devotions, including stories, checklists, quizzes, fact-based news, text messages, and skill-building tips will encourage and equip young girls and guys to understand how the opposite sex is wired and how to best relate with them.

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Jesse Florea

Jesse Florea has worked at Focus on the Family for nearly twenty years. For more than... Read Full Bio

Karen Whiting

Whiting is an author and speaker with thirteen published books, and hundreds of articles and shor... Read Full Bio

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